Who Stays Here

Who Stays at Hinds House?
Hinds House Bedroom Santa Cruz, CA
Hinds House Santa Cruz Bedroom

UC Santa Cruz - 33% of our guests are here to visit UC Santa Cruz. Visiting faculty, researchers, and lecturers make up the largest group of guests to our inn.
Visiting Family - 20% of our guests stay here while visiting family and friends who live in or near Santa Cruz. We are a popular place for expectant grandparents to stay for the birth of their new grandchild.

Relocating to Santa Cruz - 19% of our guests stay with us while making the transition to Santa Cruz. Staying at Hinds House while finding permanent housing is a great way to ease into this town.
Workshops and Conferences - 12% of our guests come here to attend a workshop or conference in Santa Cruz.

Business - 9% of our guests are here in Santa Cruz on business.
Vacation - 7% of our guests stay with us because they are on vacation in Santa Cruz.

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