Frequent Questions

Do the rooms at Hinds House have private bathrooms?
Rooms 1 and 2 have private bathrooms. The rest of our rooms use one of four bathrooms across the hall.
Are the common bathrooms clean?
Yes. Our housekeeper cleans all the common bathrooms and common kitchen every day, 
Do I need to bring towels and sheets?
No. Your room at the Hinds House is complete and ready for you with towels, sheets, blankets, quilts, clock radio, cable TV  & wireless internet. Just bring your personal belongings and you're ready to enjoy Santa Cruz.
Is there parking?
We have three on-site parking spaces and plenty of parking on the street in front and behind the house. if you have a car, we provide you with a parking permit for on-street parking.
Is there internet access?
The whole house has free wifi.
Are there kitchenettes in each room?
We have a large common kitchen with storage and refrigerator space for all guests. There are no cooking facilities in each room.
Is there a laundry?
Yes. There is a washer and dryer with free soap available for all guests.
Is there maid service?
No. The Hinds House is like a hotel when you arrive (all your linens and towels are provided). We are like an apartment however once your stay begins. You can use the laundry and housekeeping supplies to freshen up your room and your bed.
How many people are in the house?
We have 11 guest rooms and are full most of the time. Depending on whether there are 1 or 2 people in each room the house typically has between 10 and 20 people at any one time. The house is large (6,600 sq. ft.) so there is a lot of room for the guests we have.
Do I need a car during my stay?
No. We are three blocks from the center of downtown Santa Cruz and all the shops and markets that you need are within easy walking distance. We are 5 blocks from the Metro station with buses to all parts of the city.
Do I have to stay exactly one, two, three or more weeks?
No. You can arrive and depart when you like. Beyond one week we prorate your charges to the exact number of days you stay (for example 8, 9, 10, or 11 days).
Do your weeks start only on Sundays or Mondays?
No. You can arrive and depart whenever you like. Your weekly stay can start on any day of the week and your billing will start on your arrival date.
Are taxes added to the cost of my stay?
There are city hotel taxes of 11% added for each stay under 30 days. Stays of 30 days or more are exempt from city taxes when payment for the entire 30 days is made on the day of arrival.
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